Change The World

Perhaps someone, somewhere, will create something so beautiful it will change the world.

In an effort to supply the world with something or some things so beautiful that it will bring about change, a spirit must be radical. One must effectively believe in the notion that there is no particular glory in the way that things have always been done, and in order to make change, one must map out their own blueprint in life, and use their own imagination to leave their own mark on the world.

One must be willing to question what is being glorified in the moment, and at the same time show the world that working using your own creativity is still a great way to show how beautiful the world is. We all have a free mind and we all have dealt with having to choose to be imaginative over having to choose to be judged or mocked. It is those who are courageous enough to be creative who will change the world.

One thought on “Change The World”

  1. Absolutely Profoundly Beautiful Eloquent yet Straight Forward written No Doubt from Great Experience through Suffering turned into Shining Star lighting the way for Others.

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